We focus exclusively on designing and implementing the best possible outcome for our clients

Hotel insights, analytics, and benchmarking capabilities

A track record in sourcing and RFP management

Superior consulting and analytics talent in the hotel space

Leading edge hotel auditing technology at a competitive price

Online custom hotel directories to engage travelers

We employ analytics and insights, combined with technology-driven efficiencies to create a positive outcome at the lowest cost possible.
We are different than other providers in four key areas.

Strategic Sourcing vs. RFP Management

We map employee travel patterns to properties where there is actual and potential volume, taking into account your company’s culture and travel policy. We then implement the sourcing strategy.

Independent & Transparent

We are exclusively focused on your company’s needs. We have no hotel supplier deals that allow for back-end compensation based on steering and production goals.


We deliver every possible hotel solution you would need, including strategic sourcing, RFP management, consulting, strategy development, reporting, auditing and custom hotel directories.

Efficiencies Through Technology

We apply technology to deliver the best outcome at the lowest cost. Examples include automated auditing, web-based project plan sharing tools, and online visibility into RFP tools.